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Sponsor & Support

Why Give to the CHS Band?

Make a difference in a local teen's life! Our bands give teens a safe, positive

space of support and inclusion and an opportunity to compete throughout

the state!

Sponsoring the CHS marching band means you're:

  • Promoting the growth of a safe, inclusive space for all kids

  • Giving the gift of music education, which boosts self-esteem, intellectual stimulation, positive social community, etc.

  • Bolstering the CHS band's ability to compete with the heavy hitters across the state

  • Showing the community you care about local teens

  • Getting great exposure for your business with a very invested local community

  • Doing something really local, really healing, really great!

Ways to Give

As an individual or a business/organization, you have several ways to help bolster our budget:

  • Shop! Learn how to shop and give to the band while you do it

  • Donate raffle items, like gift cards, services, etc.

  • Provide food, water, supplies, and/or equipment for performances

  • Connect us to potential donors/sponsors

  • Help us find places to perform and collect donations

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Sponsorship Levels: Year-Round

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Marcher: $150

Our marching band dues are $150; by joining at this level, you effectively cover the cost of a student to march in the marching band

Name listed in all programs

dogwood parade 2019.jpg

Drill Writer: $1000

At this level you cover the cost of some of the marching drill.

Name in all programs; full-page ad in 3; credited on run t-shirt

Parade Photo.jpg

Show Designer: $5000

Recognition includes full-page ads in every program, banners at all events, logo on t-shirt, announcements at Calvalcade, trophy sponsorship.


Drum Major: $500

The cost of drum major camp is where we train our drum majors to be the best student leaders possible.


Name in programs + a full-page ad in 2 of them


Composer: $2500

This level covers most of the cost of the music for the show.

Full-page ad in all programs; banner displayed at events.

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