Sponsor & Support

Make a difference in a local teen's life! Our bands give teens a safe, positive space of support and inclusion and an opportunity to compete throughout the state!


Your participation means every kid who loves music can have an instrument, a uniform, food, and travel - and community. No student is turned away because of an inability to pay for band dues or any of the fees.

Why Give to the CHS Band?


Sponsoring the CHS marching band means you're:

  • Promoting the growth of a safe, inclusive space for kids of all backgrounds and means

  • Giving the gift of music education, with all that entails in terms of self-esteem, intellectual stimulation, positive social community, etc.

  • Bolstering the CHS band's ability to compete with the heavy hitters across the state

  • Showing the community you care about local teens

  • Getting great exposure for your business with a very invested local community

  • Doing something really local, really healing, really great!

Ways to Give

As an individual or a business/organization, you have several ways to help bolster our budget:

  • Shop! Learn how to shop and give to the band while you do it

  • Donate raffle items, like gift cards, services, etc.

  • Provide food, water, supplies, and/or equipment for performances

  • Connect us to potential donors/sponsors

  • Sell tickets and post posters at your place of business

  • Help us find places to perform and collect donations

Show Your Support for the Show!

Donate to Cavalcade and get your brand in front of thousands.

You can also sponsor the band at one of the levels below. 

We Thank Sponsors in Our Show Programs

View the 2022 Spring digital program

Sponsorship Levels


Marcher: $150

Our marching band dues are $150; by joining at this level, you effectively cover the cost of a student to march in the marching band

Name listed in all programs

dogwood parade 2019.jpg

Drill Writer: $1000

At this level you cover the cost of some of the marching drill.

Name in all programs; full-page ad in 3; credited on run t-shirt

Parade Photo.jpg

Show Designer: $5000

Recognition includes full-page ads in every program, banners at all events, logo on t-shirt, announcements at Calvalcade, trophy sponsorship.


Drum Major: $500

The cost of drum major camp is where we train our drum majors to be the best student leaders possible.


Name in programs + a full-page ad in 2 of them


Composer: $2500

This level covers most of the cost of the music for the show.

Full-page ad in all programs; banner displayed at events.