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The Charlottesville High School Band program is made up of many different ensembles. The philosophy of the CHS band is that everything centers around and grows out of the concert ensembles. 

Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble

The majority of our students perform in the CHS Symphonic Band. This group has students that participate in All-District Band and other band activities outside of school. This ensemble performs the highest quality grade IV and V literature available to school bands.

The Wind Ensemble is made up of a select group of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors that audition to be a part of the ensemble. Musicians are expected to audition for either All-District Band or SRO, take private lessons, and participate in small ensembles. This ensemble performs the most difficult literature available high school ensembles

Marching Band

The Marching Band is the most visible aspect of the CHS band program, and it is the largest ensemble we have in the band program. This year's show is 360 writen by For the first time ever this year the marhing band is optional for Juniors and Seniors

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band begins when marching band ends, and meets during the early morning class period. It is made up of Saxophones, Trombones, Trumpets, Guitar, Bass, Set, and Piano. The Jazz Band focuses on different styles such as swing, funk, rock, latin and other. We also work to develope the musicians ability to improv.

Full Orchestra

Starting in January we pull the top wind players from the Wind Ensemble and combine them with the String Ensemble. This gives our students the opportunity to perform some of the great classics in a setting that most high school musicians do not get to experience until college. This cooperative experience results in a concert in early February. 

Pit Orchestra

Starting in December we begin to put together the ensemble that will perform with the Musical later in the year. The instrumentation is determined by the musical. Previous musicals include Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, Hairspray and Aida.

Small Ensembles

Students are encouraged, Wind Ensemble members are required, to form and perform with small ensembles. Small ensemble performance reinforces independent student performance and lead to stronger full ensemble musicians.

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